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What makes Feldman Consulting Enterprises, LLC special?


We have worked with large companies as well as small, in a variety of different roles, in a variety of different fields, with clients from all around the world. Our clients range from lone inventors to Fortune 500 companies, both local and across the country. We've worked with companies just like yours with problems like the ones you're facing. Why are our projects successful?


Our proven formula - Time and time again the following make projects that we're involved with successful:

  • Results that are in a different league than what the competition offers - If you're offering the same thing that's already available elsewhere, you're playing someone else's game. By differentiating what you offer and understanding what your customer really needs you can make it much easier for them to choose your offering!

  • Analysis of the business situation now and for the future - Things can change quickly, and you don't want to be stuck with something that's obsolete the day that it's released. We can make sure your offering will remain competitive into the foreseeable future.

  • Design for future expandability and scalability - One good product is good. A good product that can be part of a product line is great! You can serve many more customers with additional offerings that expand upon one good product.

  • Planning for smooth implementation and rollout - Appropriate testing and refinement helps to ensure that the launch of your product will be a success and delight your customers. We often break development into several stages to allow for testing and adjustment and have developed products that were produced in quantities of hundreds.

  • Most importantly - The end users love using what we design!


Multi-domain expertise - A good technical solution with a poor business case won't succeed. Neither will a poor technical solution with a good business case. We combine expertise from both domains to provide the best end result.

Innovation Background - We're familiar with the innovation process inside and out, including how to find the best ideas, in-depth analysis of customer needs, competitive market analysis, reusing as much as possible, designing for the future, and learning from the innovation process.

Business Background - Not only do we make things happen and build cool projects, but we know what needs to be done to make a project as financially successful as possible. We understand the often-competing needs of meeting schedules, development costs, production costs, pricing, and marketing, and what we can do to make those all work together as well as possible.

Technical Background - A good project often involves work in multiple technical domains. A strong engineering background and experience with mechanical, electrical, robotics, Arduino, software, and database engineering projects allows us to tackle a variety of complicated issues and ensure that the resulting solution is well-integrated.

An Outsider's View - Very often people working on a project become set in their way of thinking, confined in their area of expertise, and fail to see alternative possibilities as well as the overall picture. By having an outside opinion you not only have access to the latest and greatest ideas and technologies from many different domains but also ensure that someone is looking at the project as a whole.

Relationships with Suppliers and Organizations - No one firm should try to focus on doing everything. That's why we have relationships with suppliers that complement the areas that we specialize in to take projects past the prototype stage and into full production if necessary. We work with machine shops, sheet metal shops, electronics board design firms, 3D printers, plastics shops, website development companies, video production companies, universities, grant organizations, and other firms as needed to ensure a complete and integrated solution.

Focus on the Needs of the End Users - No project will be successful if the people it is designed for don't like to use it. Everything we do is designed with the end user in mind, to help them accomplish what they need to quickly and easily, and also be extremely easy to figure out. Interfaces are simple and often designed with the input of many of the end users so that they can be sure the end result will work for them.

Proven Track Record - With years of engineering experience and projects that have been used by dozens of people inside companies in many different industries and sold in the marketplace we have a history of success. Check out our case studies on each of our consulting specialty pages for more about what we've accomplished.

Most Importantly - Satisfied Customers - In everything we do we strive to keep our customers well-informed so that they know what to expect in terms of how much effort their project will take, all the possibilities and alternatives they might want to consider, and what to expect from the end result. We want to make sure the solution will be a great fit prior to starting work. We would rather pass up an opportunity than take on a project that wouldn't have a great outcome for everyone involved.



Customer Testimonials

"You did a great job and I have really enjoyed working with you. Your patience as we worked through this has been much appreciated. After 30 years working for one of the top companies in the industrial world I have not met anyone who has been more professional. Your e-mails are extremely well thought out and well written. I predict much success for you and your company." - R.H., Pittsboro, NC

"We really appreciate your professionalism and help in this conversion."
"You have been a valuable partner in our growth and we hope to be able to have an association with you for many years to come."
"We know we can count on you and have nothing but the highest respect for your work and personal integrity." - P.K., Allentown, PA

"I like the way you’re thinking Brian" - J.H., Allentown, PA

"Quite impressive. This is exactly what we were hoping for. Excellent work!" - B.T., Dallas, TX

"I'm very happy with the initial release" - B.G., Rockleigh, NJ



Feldman Consulting Enterprises, LLC is also one of a few select companies that is a MATAAC Partner. You may be eligible for federal grant money that can be used to assist with your project. We can help you navigate the process to get approved!


Our specialties include:

Arduino Robotics Consulting
Arduino Instrumentation Design
Arduino Wireless Networks



Main Arduino Consulting Instrumentation Design Wireless Networks What Sets Us Apart Background About Us


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